Facility Reservations

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Get privacyfor your next climbing event

Culture Climbing offers rooms at both of our locations for private rental and makes the entire Downtown gym available privately to groups. Birthday parties, schools, and group members are all welcome to make use of these services.

Downtown facility rates

The Downtown party room is the perfect place to hold a birthday party. Rates listed are per climber, there is no charge for chaperones or guardians who are not climbing. Please contact our Group Coordinator for more information or to make a reservation.

6-15 Climbers
16-25 Climbers
25+ Climbers
$12 / person
$11 / person
$9.25 / person
All Access
$16 / person
$14.5 / person
$13 / person
Rental Shoes
$3.5 / person
$3.5 / person
$3.5 / person
Rental Harness
$3.5 / person
$3.5 / person
$3.5 / person
  • Guest groups
    Two hours of private access to the Downtown Gym.
  • Member groups
    Two hours of private access to the Downtown Gym.

Start your next adventure Push yourself to new heights

Organizations or groups with 8 or more participants are invited to make use of special opportunities and rates we’ve prepared for larger groups. We’ll work with you to find an access option that is the perfect fit.