Rates & Policies

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Gym rates

  • Session Pass
    One-day access to community climbing sessions to climbers 18 and up.
  • Youth Pass
    A session pass available exclusively to climbers under 18.
  • Month Pass
    One month of access to all climbing sessions at our River location.
  • Under 18 One Month Pass
    One month of access to all climbing sessions for climbers under the age of 18 at our River location.
  • x5 Pass Bundle
    Five individual passes with access to all climbing sessions at our River location. Does not expire.
  • x10 Pass Bundle
    Ten individual passes with access to all climbing sessions at our River location. Does not expire.
  • Shoe Rental
    One pair of climbing shoes with sticky rubber.
  • Harness Rental
    One harness for use on an auto-belay or roped climb.
  • Rental bundle
    Shoes, Harness, and chalk bag


Memberships off unlimited climbing at a discount with additional perks. A 3-month contract is required, after which you can freeze or terminate your account at any time. Members can also add immediate family members at additionally discounted rates. 

  • Month Pass
  • Additional Adult
  • Additional Child
    Available to children under the age of 16.
  • Maintenance Fee (frozen accounts)
    Only applied to frozen accounts where there are no active members.

More perks when you join!

Members earn reward points for actions like ‘making a reservation’ and ‘taking a class’, can be redeemed for gear, prizes, and additional perks.

10% off climbing classes

Enjoy any of our climbing classes at a discounted member rate.

10% off our retail products

Shoes, harnesses, mats, and more – get a discount when you become a member.

free monthly guest passes

2 guest passes are provided to each member per month. Additional guest passes are redeemable as rewards.


  • Large Crashpad
    Rent an Organic Large pad or similar for 24 hours.
  • Small Crashpad
    Rent an Organic SImple pad or similar for 24 hours.
  • Guide Books
    $10 - $16
  • Harnesses
  • Shoes
    $7 - $10
  • Helmets
    $7 - $10
  • Bike Rental – 1 Hour
  • Bike Rental – 4 Hour
  • Bike Rental – 8 Hour

Policies & participant code

Be respectful & safe

Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity. Stay aware of potential risks like fall zones and do not create additional hazards for other climbers by sitting under climbing areas or traveling directly under active climbing sites.

Check in on arrival

All participants must have a valid waiver on file and have received a full facility orientation. Do not bring any food or drink into the climbing areas.

Climbing while impaired is not allowed.

Dress appropriately

Do not climb with potential projectiles like phones or keys and avoid accessories that could cause injury (i.e. rings or necklaces). Keep any existing injuries dressed and covered.

Use equipment safely

Check all equipment thoroughly before use, including facility equipment. Check your belay system with a partner before climbing. Do not climb up ropes or attempt to rope solo.

Complete orientation

All belayers are subject to a Belay assessment following the protocol as defined by the AAC’s Universal Belay Standard. Climbers must tie in with a figure-8 follow through.

Start your next adventure Push yourself to new heights

Organizations or groups with 8 or more participants are invited to make use of special opportunities and rates we’ve prepared for larger groups. We’ll work with you to find an access option that is the perfect fit.