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Tension Flash Board


Tension has adjusted the edge profiles to this flash board and added new 8mm and 10mm edges to make the Flash Board even more comfortable and versatile as a warm-up and portable training tool.

The Flash Board was born out of necessity. After travel induced lapses in training and many climbing sessions undermined by a lack of good warm-ups, we knew we needed a solution. The compact, cylindrical design makes the Flash Board light, easy to pack, adjustable, and extremely resistant to rotation. Hang it from a pull-up bar, a sturdy tree, a bolt, or pull against the resistance of a solid object or your own foot!  This is one tool you don’t want to be without, especially if you are looking to heal a nagging finger injury. Just don’t pack it in your carry-on luggage… the TSA doesn’t love that.

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Tension has improved the Flash Board by modifying the edge profiles and adding new 8mm and 10mm edges, making it a more adaptable and comfortable warm-up and portable training tool. The Flash Board was created to address the need for an effective warm-up and portable training tool, with a compact cylindrical design that is lightweight, adjustable, and resistant to rotation. It can be hung from various sturdy surfaces, making it a versatile tool for climbers who want to train anytime and anywhere, except on flights as it’s not allowed as carry-on luggage by TSA.

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