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Tension Block aka “The Block”


The Block is an incredibly versatile wooden block that features various edges, pinches, pockets, and crimps, making it the most useful block of wood ever made. It can be used in numerous ways, such as lifting weights, hanging from the ceiling, attaching to a cable machine, and combining with resistance bands, with all the grips easily adjustable to be sloped, flat, or incut. Perfect for improving finger strength and helping with nagging finger injuries.

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The Block might be the single most useful block of wood we’ve ever made. Simply put, it’s a block of wood with an assortment of edges, pinches, pockets, and little crimps. Once you start using it you’ll realize that there is a lot more than meets the eye. Use them individually or in pairs to pick weight up off the floor, hang them from the ceiling, attach to a cable machine, pull against your own foot, combine with resistance bands… the possibilities are endless… Oh yeah, all the grips are immediately adjustable to be sloped, flat, or incut!