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Tension Climbing Tape


Tension Climbing’s tape is suitable for taping wrists, ankles, gloves, and can also be easily torn down to specific widths. The .5″ roll is ideal for larger blisters, while the .3″ rolls are pre-cut to fit perfectly on your fingertips. The tape has an extremely adhesive surface that performs well even in cold weather conditions, making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor climbing environments.


Our new high-performance tape is available in a Tri-Pack which includes a .3″, .5″, and 1″ roll! The 1″ roll is great for wrists, ankles, tape gloves, or tearing down to specific widths; the .5″ roll works best for larger blisters, and the .3″ rolls are pre-cut to fit perfectly on your finger tips. The tape adhesive is incredibly sticky and works great even in cold temperatures. It’s perfect for both gym and outdoor use.