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Rhino Tip Juice


Maximum Strength skin toughener for very sweaty fingertips. Tip juice is designed for once a week application to decrease sweating and increase crimping durability.


Rhino Skin Tip juice is a skin toughener that is specially made for individuals with excessively sweaty fingertips. It is formulated to reduce sweating and enhance the durability of crimps, and should be applied once a week. The product comes with a brush applicator to ensure even distribution on finger pads. It is important to note that Rhino Skin Tip juice is a potent concoction that can cause extreme dryness and should only be used by individuals who have previous experience with similar products. Avoid getting the product on cuts, wounds, eyes, nose, or creases of fingers. In case of excessive dryness, discontinue use until symptoms subside. The product is available in a 1oz size.

Spray onto the desired area once a week. Lasts up to three days. Activation takes eight hours. Do not wash off during the activation period.

Do not get in eyes or nose. Use product as directed. If skin becomes too dry discontinue use until symptoms resolve.

Aloe (Aloe) Barbadensis Juice, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methenamine, Menthol, Magnesium Chloride, Xanthan Gum.

Product comes in 1 oz brush on and 2 oz spray on.