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The Red (2nd Edition)


The Red River Gorge guidebook is the ultimate resource for sport climbing enthusiasts, featuring comprehensive coverage of 106 crags and 2586 rock climbs throughout the region. With stunning action photography, accurate maps, and detailed route descriptions, this guidebook is a must-have for any climber looking to explore the premier sport climbing destination of the Red River Gorge.

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The Red River Gorge is an exceptional sport climbing destination globally, and this guidebook provides a comprehensive coverage of the entire region’s sport climbing crags in one volume. It includes all the crags of the South, Miller Fork and Muir Valley and all the sport crags found in the North. The second edition features 245 new climbs, four new crags, fresh action shots, additional topo shots and maps, and enhancements to overall usability. It carefully describes 2586 rock climbs in 106 crags with beautifully rendered maps, impeccably marked topo photos, and accurate approach and route descriptions.

The guidebook’s design is both classy and functional, with stunning action photography that will inspire readers’ climbing dreams. It features a concise 360 pages with color-coded sport, trad, and mixed lines, making route identification effortless. Accurate maps for driving and hiking and QR codes for easy navigation are also included. The table of contents for each region shows the grade distribution, hike time, sun/shade, rain shelter, and other relevant information.

This guidebook is an excellent resource for maximizing your fun factor while climbing in the Red River Gorge, with local area beta to provide additional tips and suggestions. The compact size makes it easy to pack, making it a must-have for any climbing trip to the area.

In summary, the Red River Gorge guidebook is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to explore the sport climbing crags in the region. It features detailed descriptions of over 2500 routes, stunning photography, and accurate maps, making it the perfect companion for any climbing trip.