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Organic Chalk Bag


The ultimate climbing accessory, you can never have too many chalk bags! Guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, we build our chalk bags from recycled cutting scraps from the production of pads and other items in our workshop. After 10 years of sewing our chalk bags, we have updated the current version with a super stiff rim for easy chalking and a clean aesthetic.


The spacious interior of the chalk bag comfortably accommodates a generous amount of chalk, allowing for easy dipping and retrieval. The drawstring closure ensures secure storage of the chalk, preventing any spills or leakage while climbing.

The Organic Chalk Bag features a fleece-lined interior, which helps distribute chalk evenly on your hands, ensuring optimal coverage for enhanced grip. The soft fleece material also prevents chalk dust from escaping the bag, minimizing mess and waste.

The chalk bag includes a sturdy waist belt ensuring easy access to your chalk during rope climbs and long boulder problems. Additionally, it features a convenient brush holder, allowing you to keep your climbing brush within reach for quick cleaning of holds.

Organic chalk bags are all unique! Color selection is not available at this time.