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Horse Pens 40


Horse Pens 40, with its acres of varied bouldering features sculpted by time and weather, is a hospitable and ideal playground for climbers, offering over 100 lines at different difficulty levels. If you plan a visit and use this guide, you’ll find inspiration and satisfaction in bouldering at Horse Pens 40.

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Horse Pens 40, shaped by the effects of time and weather, features expansive areas of uniquely formed rocks, including bulbous faces, blunt prows, delicate slabs, crimpy overhangs, and water grooves. The proprietors, Mike and Gina Schultz, are exemplary models of southern hospitality. This location provides an ideal environment for bouldering enthusiasts, with more than 100 lines rated from V3-V5 and an equal number from V6-V8. Consider planning a visit, spending a vacation, and satisfying your bouldering cravings. This guide is sure to provide inspiration.