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Faza Chalk Brush


Boars Hair + More Bristles + Longer In Front = Longer Lasting

Wooden Body + Strong Handle + Unique Shape = Perfect Match in Hand

Use the Product image gallery for the product “Make” visual representation. Remember that each brush is unique, so the product image will not be the same brush that you receive, but similar. Feel free to leave in the order notes/ contact us directly on which color way you would most prefer for your unique high quality brush.

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From the Creator: I’m really passionate about wood. My father is a great carpenter and ever since I was a kid I’ve been constantly surrounded by all kinds of tools and different types of wood. They were my toys. It has always been a dream of mine to work with wood. When I turned 16, my brother took me to the local climbing wall and I was hooked for life. Now I am 30 and haven’t had a rest day for more than two weeks. And then, the two passions combined. After three years of experimenting: testing shapes, wood species, different technologies, more than 1000 brushes broken and many friends involved with helpful suggestions, in 2014 “Faza Brushes” brand was born.
Beyond the basic function of the brushes, my main goal is to make them aesthetically appealing. One “Faza” brush can never be just a plain thing. Every brush is 95% handmade in Bulgaria – a direct product of my inner drive and valuable input from ardent climbers. I know the value of taking the extra step past the good enough performance and that’s what I want to achieve with brushes too. When working on a brush, it’s the wood that guides me in the beginning. Once I’m satisfied with the result – the brush is done and I can start dreaming about the next one. Just like in climbing.