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Looking Glass Sunset Tour

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Sunset Cruise TripLooking Glass Rock

Take a tour up the most famous rock formation around Asheville! This booking will ascend a beautiful 4 pitch slab climb called “The Nose”. Climbing this route at sunset will offer the best views of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Multi Pitch climbing is a more involved system involving intermediate belays that allows the group to climb much higher. Some experience is suggested but not necessary. Expect to be at height for extended periods of time. Full days are most appropriate for multi pitch outings, but there are some fantastic half day multi pitch opportunities.

Taking this trip during the evening will provide cooler temperatures and more dramatic views. 

Although some climbing experience will be helpful, it is not required to enjoy this trip. Climbing “The Nose” is low angle, beginner friendly and well suited to all abilities. 

Email Peter@Cultivateclimbing.com to book this tour and find out all the details!